We are a member of Global Communication Network – an independent group of marketing communications agencies from Europe and United States.

Based on long-term relations, GCN is a unique platform of sharing professional experiences and the source of knowledge which allows us to provide the top-level services to our clients. Getting the great support from our GCN partners, we are able to create messages for international markets and we can determine how the message is perceived by clients from other countries, too.

Once a year, we share our experience during a joint workshop, hosted by various member agencies in turn (please see brief reports below).

In 2013, the annual meeting will be hosted by GREEN hybrid marketing agency from the Netherlands.

Poznań 2012


We extend the reach of brands! Under this slogan we held on 21 and 22 September another meeting of the independent group of marketing communication agency – Global Communication Network. A good brand equals a chance for the international expansion. What makes such a venture successful or not, is the appropriate strategy and message localization[...]


Chicago 2011


The first „transatlantic” meeting, hosted by the Chicago-based Rhea+Kaiser agency was held at the end of August and the beginning of September. The Windy City welcomed us with a truly Mediterranean weather. Actually, the meeting was quite heated, too. We split the conference into three parts – the first one was held in Rhea+Kaiser’s Chicago[...]


Sevilla 2010


This time we met between 18 and 20 November in the capital city of Andalusia – Seville. To our surprise, arriving to Spain we were greeted with… arctic-like chill that wouldn’t be bearable if not for the hot welcome we received from the meeting’s hosts – Plataforma agency (which has the branches in Madrid, Almeria,[...]


Tuluza 2009


This year’s GCN meeting was held in Toulouse, France, on 11 to 13 November. Our hosts, the Territoires Conseil group, a GCN partner, comprises of a dozen or so French agencies. The group’s reach covers the whole of France and is managed by Mr. Frédéric LEONARD, the former director of Hickory agency which has been[...]


York 2008


The sixth conference of Global Communications Network members was hosted by Colbear agency in York (United Kingdom). This time we had a great pleasure to welcome a new member to our network – Territoires Conseil from France. The directors of the agencies once again had a chance to share their local experience and to discuss[...]


Berlin 2007


The German member of the GCN, Schlasse für Kommunikation, hosted another Group’s conference in Berlin on 30-31 October. Once again, we met for two days to exchange our experience and results of our work. Each agency had two presentations: first, the agency update when all the main ideas of the company’s strategy, changes to personnel[...]