Brand Balance


Bank Pekao


We all remember the succesful rebranding of Bank Pekao SA during the EURO2012 tournament: new logo, new colours, new communication. One of the many various tasks that came with the rebranding, was adjusting the message of the company’s employer branding. The task we were chosen to tackle by winning the pitch. Our objective was to[…]


Ogrody Różane


The real estate industry is exceptionally demanding when you talk about communication. Branding that is at least good, is a must – just like the development location and quality of workmanship. Our client’s unique offer was highlighted by an adequate brand storytelling which accents the development’s character. Especially, when you realize that for some, buying[…]

Ofix Motive Club


We created the name and the communication system for the Ofix Motiv loyalty programme for the B2B customers.