According to our own BRAND&GO method assumptions, the creation phase of a project should be preceded by auditing the vision of company development and its image among the employees as well as the clients. The information we gained allowed us to create the document detailing the brand identity, its architecture as well as design guidelines.[…]


Hilding Poland


Hilding is a European bedding industry leader. Our design concept and the message character were heavily influenced by the brand’s philosophy. The project we took part in included photo sessions, designing new product labels, designing press ads and retail stores interior elements as well as publishing a catalogue.


Hilding Poland


„Śpij po królewsku” („Sleep like a king”) it’s the campaign we carried out for Hilding from A to Z – starting with creation and finishing it off with material production. Our tasks on this project included: copywriting, graphic design, photo session, trade fair stand setting design as well as designing: a catalogue, press ads, leaflets,[…]