POZnań*Kontakt – the city line

Our task was to prepare a project that would fit the atmosphere of Poznań – City of Work and City of Play and would create and strengthen the image of a City Call Center as the tool for supporting and speeding up all the administrative matters for the citizens.

POZnań*Kontakt is the official Call Center for City of Poznań, supporting the City Hall in the customer service. It allows our citizens to handle some of their administrative matters easily and quickly – e.g. getting information related to documents etc.

One of the key areas of POZnań*Kontakt service is to handle the problems with the park and display zone ticket machines. It also provides telephone surveys to gauge mood and seek feedback from the citizens.

The campaign was outlined with the use of our own, co-creation-based, Brand&Go method. During the workshops we managed to determine the City Call Centre’s brand identity, that later became the basis for its consistent image, followed by the communication strategy.

The workshops also allowed us to create the name which will both fit the character of the Centre and also meet the needs of the target group:

The name will be accompanied by the claim: „linia miasta” (“the city line”) which is a promise of the POZnań*KONTAKT’s character and mission.

We also kept these in mind while we were creating the system key visual – a hand holding a symbolic phone receiver that is connected by a blue line with a contour representing the most famous buildings in Poznań. What’s more, the key visual was extended by a line depicting the IVR system, supported by Poznań Kontakt.

This is a universal key visual that can be easily adapted for any activity as and when required.

We created a scalable communication tool – an innovative solution that allows the user to create context messages on their own.

The project included script writing for promotion videos (with storyboards). What’s more, we created a complete communication strategy for the identified target groups which included: communication tools selection, media plan creation as well as developing the means to measure the effectiveness of the actions (in cooperation with AT Research).

POZnań*KONTAKT will be the official City Call Centre during the EURO2012 tournament.