A cheer for New Year!

We’re welcoming the New Year with a smile! You made our Christmas campaign bear fruit as if it was already Spring, not the mid-Winter time.

Solving the Santa Claus’ winter jigsaw puzzle not only tested our reflex and gave us lots of fun – every puzzle solved in less than 50 seconds equaled one Złoty transferred to the Marek Kamiński Foundation which helps sick children in making their dreams come true.

We’ve had more than 800 players, including 703 puzzle jigsaw solved within the record time limit!

Another phase of the campaign included sending Christmas e-cards we’d designed. Each sent card was accompanied by 1 Złoty for the Marek Kamiński Foundation – we’ve all sent 573 e-cards! The most popular among our friends were those with Santa Claus, Reindeer and a Sparrow.

Wybrane kartki świąteczne

Thank you for your involvement and sharing the good energy which made the Christmas campaign so successful! The virtual game translated into the real-world value and the Foundation received yet another contribution that makes the impossible become possible.

We want to wish you that in 2013 your greatest dreams come true!

Horsefield Team