Szpalty Roku 2011 for Let’s Fly magazine!


The Let’s Fly magazine, for the Poznań Airport passengers, was awarded for the best cover in the annual “Szpalty Roku” custom media competition, held by Stowarzyszenie Prasy Filmowej (Association of Custom Media). We are responsible for the magazine’s graphic design, so we are particularly glad, the award was given for “the consistent and original concept[…]


Prepare for the Eurocash brand new offer!


Eurocash, the largest wholesale cash & carry operator in Poland, has extended its offer by products for the HORECA sector. We were given the task to create the message, chief motif as well as designing and producing a number of materials for the clients and employers of the company. The aim – to announce the[…]


inLAND – in the land of good information


A good key visual makes talking about the company, its offer and why it’s better than others, easier. Key visual should be easy to remember and to relate with the company and brand – on the other hand, it should make a solid ground to build the brand media upon. inLAND has, for example, a[…]


Spring – the Solar’s edition!


Four moods, four stories – and there… hundreds of colours and designs; the Solar’s Spring collection inspired us. We are pleased to present to you the new website of the brand! Our Intermedia team has done it one more time – just like a year ago, this edition of the website is a true success.[…]